Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Pigs On the Run .

Today I went to watch my Uncle Unaloto in his show ''Pigs on the run '' . My uncle played the Mum of the Three little pigs .
The Three little pigs called Pua, Ake and Lei .They were trying to help the mum find a house because they got kicked out . But Mummy Sabrina ran away . She loved Zumba , Singing in the choir and Netball .

There was a wolf Named Lady Wolf . She was Hunnnngry .Her and the help of her wolf pack wanted to eat Mummy Sabrina and her pigs . She had a Liitle brother he had to find them the little pigs or he would be eaten by the wolf pack . He calls himself the Big Bowss Wolf .

My favourite part was when the houses made of sticks went up and the Big Bowss wolf blew the house down . Also there was a little boy my age that was drumming in the band he was cool .

I also enjoyed the rapping battle . Little pigs VS Wolf Pack . And they danced beyonce as well as other songs . I had fun watching my uncle on Stage . I want to be a performer when I'm a little bit older .


  1. Thank you so much Hendrix and Haare for coming out and watching :) It was soo awesome to see you Hendy today miss you so much, I'm glad you two enjoyed it :) keep dreaming big Hendy and keep reaching for the sky and beyind :) #Godisgood Ofa lahi atu Hendy :)

    1. Uncle Una wrote above comment just incase your wondering Hendy :) - Proud of you Hendy :)

  2. Hendrix, I am so glad you were able to go see Pigs on the Run! How cool that you have an uncle in the cast! One of my very good friends is one of the directors of the play! I can't wait to see you acting and dancing on stage when you're older!

    You are so lucky to have such a cool mum who does fun things with you!

    Awesome job with your holiday blogging!! You are a superstar!
    Mrs Moala :-)

  3. Hi Hendrix will done you have a very cool photo.


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