Friday, 22 April 2016


Today me and my mum went to Otahuhu pools . I went down the slide heaps of times like superman . The cool thing about that pool is they have a platform where you can jump into a bombing pool but also you can slide down the slide . I did heaps of bombs and went down the slide heaps . 

After our swim we went to visit my aunty and cousin at her house . She was dog sitting her mums dog his name was called Burt . I threw the ball and he caught it and brought it back to me more than 5 times . 
We had so much fun swimming today . I cam home had dinner and watched Wreck it Ralph . 


  1. Hendrix, I LOVE this photo of you and your mum!

    You clever thing - you used a simile when you were describing going down the slide ("I went down the slide heaps of times like superman") and we are going to learn how to use these in our writing next term. Maybe you could help explain to the class what they are?

    I'm loving reading all about your holidays on your blog! Keep it up Hendrix (and Miss Haare!!)

    From Miss Nalder

  2. WOW! Sounds like you have had an amazing holiday Hendrix! I really love that you are sharing what you have been doing on your blog too. I hope you are looking forward to being back at school tomorrow. Mrs Belt

  3. Hi Henarix I really like you and your mum and you to wearing your swining kooks and you are the best Hendrix. From sauma.