Thursday, 21 April 2016


Today I had training at Pt England reserve for my game on Saturday .
I practised playing touch and tackles . I saw my cousins Noah , Jordan , Toby and Levi  and aunty Shannon at reserve . I played with my cousins Noah and Toby . After we said good bye I went to the new park at Madills Farm . It is so much fun . It has two big slides . A big spider web climb up thing . Two little trampolines that were connected to the ground . I had so much fun we stayed there till it went dark .  


  1. Hi Hendrix,

    I used to play touch at Madills Farm! I've never been on the playground there, though. I like the sounds of the big spider web - is that for you to climb up on?

    From Miss Nalder

  2. Oh man, I've been dying to go on that playground. Did you know that that playground has changed at least 3 times? - that I can remember. There used to be this massive tower with a tunnel that would swing in the wind. I remember sitting up high in the tunnel with my friends and sharing all sorts of secrets.
    I think Madills Farm might be my favourite playground.
    Keep sharing your awesome holiday stories Hendrix - Mum wants a new phone :-)