Friday, 17 March 2017

my dragon

The world’s smallest dragon gets it's name because it is small.  
It has a hairy tail.  It also has two wings. When it breaths fire comes out of the mouth. If I had one I would call it Hendrix because that my name. It would live in my bedroom.We would play tag.


  1. Hi Hendrix,

    You have described your dragon well, with some interesting adjectives (small, hairy). I think you should be very careful playing tag with a dragon. What would happen if he breathed fire on you by accident?

    From Ms Nalder

  2. Hey Hendrix
    I hope you don't set your bedroom on fire playing with your dragon!
    Mr Burt

  3. Hey Hendrix
    I rally like the way you started your writing.I loved your dragon it was so awesome that it blow my mind.I would like to see work like this again.Great job
    from Angelica


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