Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Our mountain climb

On Monday we had a day off for Labour day . So me and my Mum thought we could go on a walk . We went to Mt taylor mountain in Glen Dowie and thought we could have an adventure .
I have always wanted to climb this big mountain so i can do rolly pollies down the hill . Mum helped me through the gate and off we went . We climbed this big mountain and sometimes stopped to look down and see how high up we are . We were nearly to the top when i saw a black tower . We made it! So cool looking out and seeing the Water and all the boats and Buildings . We took a few pictures than i slid down the hill on my bottom . Mum told me to run down the hill and she would catch me . It was cool . I liked climbing the mountain with my Mum . We ended our climb by going to the park and playing on the swings . I can't wait to go back again .


  1. WOW Hendrix - it sure sounds like you had an amazing time climbing Mt Taylor and I'm glad you have shared your experience by writing about it on your blog as I really enjoyed reading about your day! Mrs Belt

  2. What an awsome adventure bubba, and you looked so tall on the mountian looking over to the water, i bit sliding and running down the hill was really.
    NExt we will have to come so we can watch you rolling down the hill, thnaks for sharing your day out with us.


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