Friday, 15 June 2018


‘’Once long ago’’ A family with seven sisters every year they make kins to slaprit the new year into one year the smells can gine in with them her name was matariki they mand A red from A puriri tree one author

Sister mend a geen one form harakek bush they all went to the hill

So they can fly the kites put the wind was not there when matariki woke up she and look at tree put the kits were not when all of the six sister woke up and they said ‘ where is my kit matariki tied to look and found it . in sky the other sister said the stars are yours so even year they look at the stars .

Thursday, 7 June 2018


Have you made pikelets at school before? we did with mr  
moran he forgot to but the oil and sugar because he is still
learning now to cook it was wakei there was a Jame and
nletel we put some chocolate chip to put on are pikelets
so it can tist  Good some ofheis hepi mr moan with a cup
and a tea tpoun and table tpoun And a poul when we put
it on the pan we had to flip the pikelets Pupbals pop.`  


Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Going to the zoo

Have you been to the zoo before?
All of the block went to the zoo on a wet Thursday. We went so we can

learn about the animals.

We got on  the bus to the zoo . When we arrived at the zoo, we walked around until it was morning tea . My favourite is the wallaby and the monkey because it can jump up . We went to the bug lab learn about Bug s . I saw a lion and a eel . we had lunch . Then we walk around I saw a alligator. Then it was time to go to school . I had fun .

Thursday, 10 May 2018


On a beautiful Monday morning all of the block had a war we made catapults Cherish and I helped Mr Moran. After we got reade for the war but first we got some ammo next they said go and shoot some boys when I was don shooting I chasd Mr Moran then Mr moran got hit and he cried to his mum like a baby. I mist my shot and my frens Julius and Tevita was with me we helped tevita he was on the cowch. sometimes I stand up shoot him on the back I was hideing behind the chair and got him in the arm.   Afther we had to see who had the best fort and they won.