Tuesday, 26 July 2016


Dtis mornind we want to rassem bly I saw mnlss NaLtder punch a  teacher in the face He fell down on the ground. Team 5 is learning obout spbrts.

Sunday, 24 July 2016


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On Thursday Night Justus came to have a sleep over at my house . He brought Dinner we had Sweet and sour pork,Fired rice and Chowmain . After dinner we had dress warm because we were going on a adventure .
My uncle and Aunty came over alos to join us .
We drove to mission bay to play on the park . We played on the sand and played by the Fountain . We had to leave i thought we were going home but we went to the viaduct and saw boats .
Mum said lets go to a beautiful land mark . We played games in the car and ended up at the the Museum .
We played soccer and on the canons .
Me and Justus we playing in the water .
We also tried drinking the water it was so cold . we played till 11:30 at night  It was cool we played tiggey and Throws . Was time to go home . When we got home we watched Charlie and The chocolate factory the old one is my favourite .
Me and Justus went sleep at 1.30 in the Morning and we had a midnight snack it was awesome .

Hunting and fishing

On Wednesday we wen to the hunting and fishing shop i saw some Tents and guns .
 It was like being at Motat with the guns .
They were as tall as me . Me and mum sat in the tents and took pictures and took photos and told knock knock jokes . We were leaving when we saw a man buying a big gun . i asked him what he was doing with that and he said he was going to hunt for deer . I was so excited for him and he let me hold the gun . I would never have a gun but if i become a farmer i would like to shoot deer and pigs .

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Finidng Dory

On Tuesday i invited Justus to join me and mum at Kelly Tarltons for the day . I had never been to Kelly Tarltons before so i was so excited . We saw penguins and sharks . As well as sea horses and Crabs .
We also found dory and learnt about the Antartic . We saw sting rays being feed and also Turtles and Sharks .
I watched divers in the tanks feeding all the Fish and say a big shark following us . Justus and Myself had a'lot of fun seeing different fish and sea creatures . We had some lunch and went  mission bay to play on the park .We headed to Bearkly Cinemas to watch the BFG .
We dropped Justus home and watched Finding Nemo

Up the Mountain

On Monday me and mum drove to the top of Mount Wellington . It was my first time driving up normally we walk . We walked right around the top it was scary a little bit because it was windy . Some parts i had to slide on my bottom because the wind was to strong . We stopped at the top to look at the veiw . Mum was showing me different places . I could see PaknSave and My church . We slid down on our bottoms to the bottom it was so much fun . We went to get a ice cream and i couldn't stop talking about the mountain and how high it was . I enjoyed walking the mountain with mum .

Sunday Morning at church

On sunday i came to church early at 9.30 because mum had to set up for data .
We sang songs and did notices than it was time for me to go out to sunday school . I played heaps of games and even had worship time . My favourite thing about sunday was me and my cousin TJ with mum went to the Pools afterwards was so much fun . We had some lunch and went home to watch Wreck it ralph .

Pokomon Hunting

Thursday morning before breakfast me and mum went for a walk around the block . She said we were going on a adventure . I used mum phone to play music and asked her if we can pokomon hunt . We walked to alot of Pokestops and did some cool things along the way like playing eye spy and yellow car . I felt mums Phone vibrate and i could see a pokomon . i was so excited mum showed me how to use the Pokeballs and i caught my first pokemon . 
I still have to catch more with mum . We headed home had breakfast and brushed our teeth before we went to find more at Missionbay . 


On Wednesday Of the First week of the Holidays Me and Mum went to chipmunks after i helped her tidy up as a reward . I didn't know we were going because mum said it was a surprise . We pulled up to Chipmunks and i was so happy . I Jumped on so many bouncy castles and Me and Mum even had a Basketball challenge . She won twice was first out of 10 . I had got a'lot of shots in but not as much as mum . I also enjoyed putting the balls in these guns and shooting them at people .
Me and Mum left Chipmunks and went to get pizza While we ate at a park . Once we finished eating we played kicks with the soccer ball.


On Tuesday i went to Parakai with My Uncle Raenan and Mum . We drove to Parakai it was a little bit far . We had some Lunch and got to swim all Day .
 My favourite was the Slides . I loved blocking the slide with Mum and Uncle . 
We went down over 10 times and 6 more times at night . I love being on slides during the Night 

Staying at the Motel

On Sunday after school ended me and Mum stayed at a Motel because our house was being used as a Movie . They used my room and the Lounge as well as the whole house it was so cool . So me and Mum stayed in the Motel on Mt Wellington Highway called Sylvia Park Motel. It was so cool . We Got to watch Movies , Have a Shower and not make the bed . We Had to check out at 10 am on Monday Morning .
I enjoyed being at the Motel with mum and it was my first time .

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