Friday, 17 February 2017


Jack the Robot

Jack was at the dump he is looking for his friend. He made a tape friend and he was happy but   5 mnt after he was loney.  He went to a car he got an electric shock. He was broken  when He got a electric shock he whent to sit on a lag his friend came. He was happy that he
Had a friend.

Duffy Show

Room 14 and the junior school went to the duff show. It was in the hall we had to help duff boy and global girl  do actions.then  they went to the fire so that  kids can read.
Next Duffy and global girl stop the cyclone. Finally we sang  the Duffy  song. I like the duff show because it had superheroes.

Saturday, 11 February 2017

About me

Hi my name is Hendrix  I go to Pt England school. I like playing games. My favourite colour is light green. My favourite food is pizza bread. Thank you for visiting my blog.