Sunday, 15 November 2015

Maniakalani Film Festival

Last Wednesday I had a awesome time at Silvia park I presented my class film in front our school and my class mates .
I had to be at school by 8 am so I can be ready to go to Sylvia Park movie theatre . It was so exciting . I got to go in Mrs Langitupu car with my friends .
We were all  nervous and excited at the same time ,because for some of us we have never presented or talked in front of heaps of people before. 
Me and my friend Aye Myat were ready to present . We got on the stage and were nervous at first but we did it . We presented again through out the day and went back at night to present in front of our friends and family . When I got onto the stage my family started cheering for me it gave me confidence to present . I really enjoyed it and they also enjoyed seeing me present.
A cool thing about presenting was my Uncle Raenan also presented for Tamaki College so I got to present on the same stage as him and he sat with me for the rest of the show .
I hope when I have a new teacher I can do it again cause it was really cool fun and it helped me get more confident .
Thank you Mrs Belt for a amazing opportunity .