Monday, 19 December 2016

Helping mum Clean

I helped Mum clean the house . I had to pick up all the rubbish and clean my room . I don't like cleaning but it helps mum out . So tomorrow i will make my Bed and Re clean my room .

Holidays have begun .

Today was the first Monday that we did not have school . ButMum still had to do some work  . So went to school and i  played on the laptop .Was fun ! we went to the Fish and chips store with Justus .We had some really good food and a trumpet and went home . Im going to enjoy these holidays .

Tuesday, 26 July 2016


Dtis mornind we want to rassem bly I saw mnlss NaLtder punch a  teacher in the face He fell down on the ground. Team 5 is learning obout spbrts.

Sunday, 24 July 2016


Image result for Auckland MuseumImage result for charlie and the chocolate factory original

On Thursday Night Justus came to have a sleep over at my house . He brought Dinner we had Sweet and sour pork,Fired rice and Chowmain . After dinner we had dress warm because we were going on a adventure .
My uncle and Aunty came over alos to join us .
We drove to mission bay to play on the park . We played on the sand and played by the Fountain . We had to leave i thought we were going home but we went to the viaduct and saw boats .
Mum said lets go to a beautiful land mark . We played games in the car and ended up at the the Museum .
We played soccer and on the canons .
Me and Justus we playing in the water .
We also tried drinking the water it was so cold . we played till 11:30 at night  It was cool we played tiggey and Throws . Was time to go home . When we got home we watched Charlie and The chocolate factory the old one is my favourite .
Me and Justus went sleep at 1.30 in the Morning and we had a midnight snack it was awesome .

Hunting and fishing

On Wednesday we wen to the hunting and fishing shop i saw some Tents and guns .
 It was like being at Motat with the guns .
They were as tall as me . Me and mum sat in the tents and took pictures and took photos and told knock knock jokes . We were leaving when we saw a man buying a big gun . i asked him what he was doing with that and he said he was going to hunt for deer . I was so excited for him and he let me hold the gun . I would never have a gun but if i become a farmer i would like to shoot deer and pigs .

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Finidng Dory

On Tuesday i invited Justus to join me and mum at Kelly Tarltons for the day . I had never been to Kelly Tarltons before so i was so excited . We saw penguins and sharks . As well as sea horses and Crabs .
We also found dory and learnt about the Antartic . We saw sting rays being feed and also Turtles and Sharks .
I watched divers in the tanks feeding all the Fish and say a big shark following us . Justus and Myself had a'lot of fun seeing different fish and sea creatures . We had some lunch and went  mission bay to play on the park .We headed to Bearkly Cinemas to watch the BFG .
We dropped Justus home and watched Finding Nemo

Up the Mountain

On Monday me and mum drove to the top of Mount Wellington . It was my first time driving up normally we walk . We walked right around the top it was scary a little bit because it was windy . Some parts i had to slide on my bottom because the wind was to strong . We stopped at the top to look at the veiw . Mum was showing me different places . I could see PaknSave and My church . We slid down on our bottoms to the bottom it was so much fun . We went to get a ice cream and i couldn't stop talking about the mountain and how high it was . I enjoyed walking the mountain with mum .

Sunday Morning at church

On sunday i came to church early at 9.30 because mum had to set up for data .
We sang songs and did notices than it was time for me to go out to sunday school . I played heaps of games and even had worship time . My favourite thing about sunday was me and my cousin TJ with mum went to the Pools afterwards was so much fun . We had some lunch and went home to watch Wreck it ralph .

Pokomon Hunting

Thursday morning before breakfast me and mum went for a walk around the block . She said we were going on a adventure . I used mum phone to play music and asked her if we can pokomon hunt . We walked to alot of Pokestops and did some cool things along the way like playing eye spy and yellow car . I felt mums Phone vibrate and i could see a pokomon . i was so excited mum showed me how to use the Pokeballs and i caught my first pokemon . 
I still have to catch more with mum . We headed home had breakfast and brushed our teeth before we went to find more at Missionbay . 


On Wednesday Of the First week of the Holidays Me and Mum went to chipmunks after i helped her tidy up as a reward . I didn't know we were going because mum said it was a surprise . We pulled up to Chipmunks and i was so happy . I Jumped on so many bouncy castles and Me and Mum even had a Basketball challenge . She won twice was first out of 10 . I had got a'lot of shots in but not as much as mum . I also enjoyed putting the balls in these guns and shooting them at people .
Me and Mum left Chipmunks and went to get pizza While we ate at a park . Once we finished eating we played kicks with the soccer ball.


On Tuesday i went to Parakai with My Uncle Raenan and Mum . We drove to Parakai it was a little bit far . We had some Lunch and got to swim all Day .
 My favourite was the Slides . I loved blocking the slide with Mum and Uncle . 
We went down over 10 times and 6 more times at night . I love being on slides during the Night 

Staying at the Motel

On Sunday after school ended me and Mum stayed at a Motel because our house was being used as a Movie . They used my room and the Lounge as well as the whole house it was so cool . So me and Mum stayed in the Motel on Mt Wellington Highway called Sylvia Park Motel. It was so cool . We Got to watch Movies , Have a Shower and not make the bed . We Had to check out at 10 am on Monday Morning .
I enjoyed being at the Motel with mum and it was my first time .

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Thursday, 12 May 2016

Friday, 6 May 2016

Immers ion

I went to lmmer ion assem dly I like the racz and my won racz I was hungry.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Pigs On the Run .

Today I went to watch my Uncle Unaloto in his show ''Pigs on the run '' . My uncle played the Mum of the Three little pigs .
The Three little pigs called Pua, Ake and Lei .They were trying to help the mum find a house because they got kicked out . But Mummy Sabrina ran away . She loved Zumba , Singing in the choir and Netball .

There was a wolf Named Lady Wolf . She was Hunnnngry .Her and the help of her wolf pack wanted to eat Mummy Sabrina and her pigs . She had a Liitle brother he had to find them the little pigs or he would be eaten by the wolf pack . He calls himself the Big Bowss Wolf .

My favourite part was when the houses made of sticks went up and the Big Bowss wolf blew the house down . Also there was a little boy my age that was drumming in the band he was cool .

I also enjoyed the rapping battle . Little pigs VS Wolf Pack . And they danced beyonce as well as other songs . I had fun watching my uncle on Stage . I want to be a performer when I'm a little bit older .

Friday, 22 April 2016


Today me and my mum went to Otahuhu pools . I went down the slide heaps of times like superman . The cool thing about that pool is they have a platform where you can jump into a bombing pool but also you can slide down the slide . I did heaps of bombs and went down the slide heaps . 

After our swim we went to visit my aunty and cousin at her house . She was dog sitting her mums dog his name was called Burt . I threw the ball and he caught it and brought it back to me more than 5 times . 
We had so much fun swimming today . I cam home had dinner and watched Wreck it Ralph . 

Thursday, 21 April 2016


Today I had training at Pt England reserve for my game on Saturday .
I practised playing touch and tackles . I saw my cousins Noah , Jordan , Toby and Levi  and aunty Shannon at reserve . I played with my cousins Noah and Toby . After we said good bye I went to the new park at Madills Farm . It is so much fun . It has two big slides . A big spider web climb up thing . Two little trampolines that were connected to the ground . I had so much fun we stayed there till it went dark .  


Today I went swimming at G.I pools with my mum. We swam in the big pool and had heaps of laughs in the little pool . We played games in the water . It was fun .

Tuesday, 19 April 2016


Today I went to Motat with My Mum and my friend Justus Tele'a.
We saw the old school . They had rules on the black board .
1. you can't talk in Maori
 2.You can't write with your left hand .
We went into houses and saw scary dolls and old beds, draws and bath tubs . Some houses came from Parnell and one house was from Panmure .

I also went inside the Lazer maze ,The lady said we had to be a spy to get through the lazers without being touched .Me , Justus and Miss Haare went though the Maze , Miss Haare got touched and I was crawling on the floor it was funny . And Mum Lost.

Me and Justus had a nerf gun war in a white tent , I had to hide behind a yellow thing to shoot him . I hit him with the bullets 10 times .
We also saw a body expo and I went down a throat slide . I also saw Trains ,Cars a old fire truck and played alot of games .
We also went on a little train ride around Motat that was called "The little flick" .

I palyed on the spacies in the Gaming room , I played Pacman and Donkey kong . My Mum said she use to play those games on her Nintendo 64 when she was little . I also took photos on this cool as thing . And it showed my face on a big screen than went little and was with heaps of photos .

I liked playing on the Phones . Me , Mum and Justus were talking to each other on the phones I was ringing and laughing and talking to them . I saw heaps of old phones . Outside there was red telephone booth .

I had so much fun today . Before we went home I saw Eels and ducks as well as swans and geese .And a big Fish .

My first game

On Saturday i played my first league game of the season . we won 7 - 4 . We played at our home ground Mount Wellington League club. My mum was the ref . It was a cool game .

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

My dream holiday is

My friend said that he is going to rocking with Jordan.

My dream holiday is

My friend said that he is going to rock dimbing with Jordan. 

Friday, 1 April 2016

My new necklace

I have a new necklace and it came from the Philippeans. I was happy to get my new necklace because my Papa got one too.

Friday, 5 February 2016

About me

Malo e lelei 
My name is Hendrix. I go to Pt England school and like eating chicken and chips.