Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Our mountain climb

On Monday we had a day off for Labour day . So me and my Mum thought we could go on a walk . We went to Mt taylor mountain in Glen Dowie and thought we could have an adventure .
I have always wanted to climb this big mountain so i can do rolly pollies down the hill . Mum helped me through the gate and off we went . We climbed this big mountain and sometimes stopped to look down and see how high up we are . We were nearly to the top when i saw a black tower . We made it! So cool looking out and seeing the Water and all the boats and Buildings . We took a few pictures than i slid down the hill on my bottom . Mum told me to run down the hill and she would catch me . It was cool . I liked climbing the mountain with my Mum . We ended our climb by going to the park and playing on the swings . I can't wait to go back again .