Tuesday, 20 June 2017


A long time ago in lake Taupo when the sky was black there was a taniwha. He was in the lake and there was a man whose name was Tamarereti. He woke up and went to his waka to see  if  there  was fish but there was no fish. Tamarereti went to the sea so  he could get some  fish
but the wind had dropped.  Tamarereti was in danger.   He went to sleep and woke up in his waka it had blown to a island. Tamarereti got his fish to eat he lit a fire for the fish. Then he knew that
the taniwha was going to eat him because it was dark. Tamarereti saw some  shining pebbles.  He threw  the pebbles in the sky so the stars of Matariki led him to his family.

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